Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Maryland - Farrier

Barefoot trimmer with openings for more clients, Serving Anne Arundel County, Southern Prince George's County, Northern Calvert County, and Northern Charles County in Maryland. Also specializing in "trouble horses" that "can't be trimmed" -- may travel for trouble horses.  Works with drafts.  Natural Horsemanship Practicioner - prior clinic experience includes working with 3 star instructor Maurice Thibault and Aimee Brimhall McCord. I do barefoot rehabilitation to promote soundness without the need of shoes. I am also an Easycare hoofcare professional carrying various options for Easyboots. Feel free to PM me. I trim evenings and weekends. $50 for one horse, $45/per horse for two horses, and $40/horse for 3 or more horses.  Also available for sessions - starting at $60 per hour for help with ground manners, trailer loading, etc...

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