Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions....

Well... it's nearly the new year, and with it comes the setting of resolutions....

I think my horses have some resolutions as well.  First and foremost, don't stress yourself.  Being a big draft horse in and of itself is HARD WORK!

Poor Ren!  Did I wake you?

 Number two, eat so much food that your owners are constantly having to muzzle you most of the year to keep you from turning into a whale.


Number three, distract your owners from cleaning the house/being productive (cough cough *George*!) because you need someone to come play with you and take you for a ride.

(No picture... George did this yesterday with Shae while I was visiting my sister's family!)

Yup, all in all... three very achievable horsey resolutions.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Just in time for Christmas, it managed to snow in Maryland.   Not just a little snow, but a whole lot of snow - around 22 inches in all.  This is a rare occurrence in Maryland.

Ren and Shae seemed to really like the snow, so we left them out for about 1/2 the day.  In the morning, George went out to check on them, and ended up playing with them in the field.  By around 1 pm though, I figured it was time to bring them in to the barn.

Just as eager as ever, they both came running!

Ren is wondering why we think she needs to come in.  I think she would have happily stayed out all day.

"What?!  No treats??" (Ren's face says it all.)

Icicles in the mane - just lovely.  Needless to say, I let the girls warm up in the barn before brushing!

With dreadlocks and icicles, Ren sports quite the look.

Ren also was quite taken with the camera... either that or she was looking for treats.  It's sometimes hard to tell.

"Seriously?  No food?"

The next morning, we managed to catch the other horses on the farm being let out.  They were excited and raced all around before settling down to eat.

Everything was just covered in snow.

We decided to take a little ride out and about the fields.  Here, I am wearing about 6 layers of clothing.  It was COLD!  Shae didn't seem to mind in the least.

Looking back at our house.

George LIKES the cold.  Can you tell?

After our ride our girls had fun romping all around in the field at a full gallop.

Then, they settled down to their most favorite pastime - eating.

... and eating some more.

Beached whale?  Or Shae wallowing in the snow?  You decide.