Monday, September 20, 2010

Jenna and Gabi Come Visit!

One of my friends from work has been bringing her daughter to come ride Shae and Ren.  Saturday, we decided to try out bareback riding!  Jenna offered to take some pictures, and truth be told, she's much better at taking pictures then me.  Next time they come out, I'll try to take some better pictures of them, I promise!

Anyway, let's see how things went!  (As always, click on a picture to enlarge to full size.)

Ren & Gabi are ready to go!

We recently dug up Ren's bridle.  We have a clinic in October and would like the option of riding with or without a bit.  Usually Ren goes in her halter, but Gabi's more familiar with flat reins, so I wanted to see how it went.  Riding Ren bareback is a bit like riding a couch - very cushy and not a lot of upward bounce. 

Looking good!

I think Ren was a fan of the slower pace.  We've been doing a bit of canter work with her lately.

Another example of my fine photography skills.  All over exposed and washed out.  I promise to take better pictures next time!  (Or at least not take a picture pointed directly at the sun!)  Anyway, this is Jenna riding Shae.
I didn't realize that the trees are starting to change here on the farm.  The weather's been so gorgeous and warm that it doesn't feel like fall yet!
Trotting away! Jenna and Shae even did some cantering - not bad for being new to riding bareback! 

Ren is SOOO enjoying the slower pace!
Shae, what ARE you doing with that head of yours?  In reality, this is probably just another example of my horrendous photography skills.

Sigh.  Subject is angled away from the photographer with rump (of the horse) being showcased.  
(I'm just bringing this to your attention now so that you can compare to Jenna's lovely photos later.)

Now, in contrast, here are some of the pictures that Jenna took.  

Gabi and Cali - so cute.

Here, Cali wants to know why we aren't playing with her.  She was in the round pen and not thrilled about not being in the arena with us.  She is such an awesome little horse!


In focus.  Action.  Subject's posteriors are not the focus of the picture.  Maybe I should learn how to use that camera we have...

All in all, a fun day!  
And next time, I will take better pictures!  It should have been easy seeing as Jenna and Gabi both did a great job with the girls!

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