Sunday, July 25, 2010

A LONG Overdue Post....

So, it's summer time and you'd THINK I have all sorts of things to post.  Well... George has been working a lot and whenever I'm with the horses, I never seem to have the camera with me.  The other day, George and I went by my parents to take pictures of their incredibly cute boerboel puppies for their website: and George decided to hop up on Spring.  Spring was the mare that we started last summer.  She has about three months of riding on her now and is a super little trail horse.  George didn't have any tack (or halter) handy, so he decided to go free styling.  I will try to get some pictures of OUR horses up over the next couple days... it's just hard to get motivated to take pictures when I head out to see them and they're covered in sweaty streaks!  With the Maryland heat in the 90 - 100 degree range, all I feel like I'm doing is hosing them down!

Anyway, the pictures I DO have to share....
Yes, we're here to take pictures of dogs, but Spring is always ready to say hi and go somewhere!

George does have an apple tree twig to tap on Spring's shoulder, etc.. to help guide her and let her know what yields George was asking for.  Everything else is off the seat.  Spring hasn't really had too many sessions on freestyle riding, so it was interesting to see her and George communicate.

She picked up on things really quickly.  George was in the confines of her pasture.  I wouldn't recommend trying this for the first time out on a trail!

The other horses were very interested in what Spring and George was doing.

Whiskey HAD to investigate.

Course, no ride would be complete with out cantering!

Spring's baby is nearly 10 months old now!  She's weaned, but was still very interested in following George and Spring around the field.

Okay, we're really here to take those dog pictures!

Boerboel puppies are CUTE!  My folks have some pups still available!  Visit for more pictures and information on their boerboels!

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