Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Snow Storms

So.... you might have heard that Maryland got a bit of snow over the last 5 days....  After the first wave of snow earlier this week, George and I went on a trail ride.  Took tons of pictures in the woods, of the horses, of each other... so many pictures.   However, when I got back to the house, I discovered that I had failed to put the memory stick in the camera.  What a bummer!  So, this morning we tried to capture some photos of the second storm that came through last night.

(Remember, to view full sized, click on each image.)

Okay... Make that a heck of a lot of snow!


We brought the girls in to spend the night in the barn - and this morning they were ANTSY to get back out.  Ren has this lovely idea that she can dig, paw, or chew her way out of any confinement.  When she's left tied at the arena, she works on the ropes until she's free (at which point she stands there and possibly grazes - cause where is she planning on going?)  In the barn, she will sometimes do the same with the door when she feels she's been left in too long.   She doesn't chew at it, but she definitely lets us know she wants out!
The caged beast lurks and waits... plotting ways of gaining her freedom.

What a big shaggy horse she is in the winter!

Ren is very good about getting her halter on in times like this.  No disrespecting the stall door space!

Shae tolerates being stalled a bit better - she just begs shamelessly for treats when we show up.
Give me treats!

Then there's my husband....
So cute.

Anyway... we had the job of getting them back out to their pasture this morning....  No shoveled paths.  BIG horse feet... us tripping over our OWN feet... not the best combination.  So, we decided to make life easier and ride them down to their field.
Who knows where the mounting block is under all that snow.  Where's that picnic table?

 Getting ready to tie up her reins.

Wow... what an action shot.  Me... in mid jump!

You aren't allowed to laugh.  I have two pairs of winter pants on and am so bundled up I feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.   I can barely get my leg over her back.

To the field!

Now here's where George missed capturing Ren wanting to run straight down the hill.  I decided to take her in a round about way to her field.  Even cooped up over night, she's still got to show some manners.
 These include gate manners... which she is very good about.
 This picture does NOT capture how fierce that wind is!!  Ren's hair gives you a little bit of an idea of how crazy the wind gusts were.

 One last treat for the road.

 Of course, making it back up the hill was more of a challenge.  Luckily, I this path wasn't too bad.

Now, it's Shae's turn.

 No Shae, don't climb onto the picnic table.




That is some DEEP snow.

 My funny camera angle makes this a horrible picture of Shae.  She looks like she has no rump!
 There.  A little cropping should help with that!

 A man and his horse.

 Is Shae looking for some scratches from George?  Or some treats?  Hard to tell...


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