Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions....

Well... it's nearly the new year, and with it comes the setting of resolutions....

I think my horses have some resolutions as well.  First and foremost, don't stress yourself.  Being a big draft horse in and of itself is HARD WORK!

Poor Ren!  Did I wake you?

 Number two, eat so much food that your owners are constantly having to muzzle you most of the year to keep you from turning into a whale.


Number three, distract your owners from cleaning the house/being productive (cough cough *George*!) because you need someone to come play with you and take you for a ride.

(No picture... George did this yesterday with Shae while I was visiting my sister's family!)

Yup, all in all... three very achievable horsey resolutions.

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