Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where Does the Time Go?

Well, It's now January 2013.... I don't think I've published anything since Bryn was born.  It's been a crazy 15 months.  Here's some photos of the farm related things we've done in that time....(click on any picture to view full size.)

 Bryn has watched her daddy trim many horses on the farm.

 Folks talk about how sometimes husbands put on "sympathy weight" when their wives are pregnant.  We haven't had that exact problem here in our household.  Instead, it's the horses that have put on the "sympathy weight."  This summer they spent some time in their muzzles to try and get this phenomenon under control. 
 Somehow I think the extra pounds had less to do with me gaining baby weight and more to do with the fact that they weren't exercised regularly.  This summer will be different!!  I will have lots of time to fight my horses' (and my own) battle with the bulge.

We did a horse clinic at the start of July 2012 with Maurice.

Here I am playing with Admiral.  He's an interesting character.  Very different from our two mares.

Here I am working with Shae.  This was one of my first times back on a horse since Rienzi's and my accident earlier in the spring.

 In the fall, George and I did our first competitive trail ride.  We took first and second place in our division (there were 25 or so riders in our division, so that was pretty good... still irks me that George and Ren beat me and Shae!)

Just a couple weeks ago, we took Brynlee on her first walk around the farm!

Glad to say most of my baby weight is gone!!  Yay!

 More updates to come soon!

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