Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally - some pictures that don't feature snow!

But instead, feature two very dusty dirty horses.  Not filthy, but definitely dusty!

Today was much windier and cooler than George and I anticipated.  Ren's sidebones were also acting up, so instead of a trail ride we worked Shae in the arena and then played a bit with lying down.

George bringing the girls in from the field.

We both rode Shae quite a bit - I've been riding her bareback so much, that it's time I got back into riding with a saddle!  We didn't really take any riding pictures - like I said, it was windy and we weren't sure how long we were going to stay out.  Ren and I just did lots and lots of walking to try and stretch out her legs.

Time to lay down!

First a good roll.... get that sand really rubbed in.

Gotta scratch that itchy nose!
Ren explored her downward thoughts by pawing at the arena sand... alot.

She also showed off her curly bangs.

Then, it's back out in the field for everyone's favorite pastime - eating.

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