Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Fall....

... and it's raining and miserable outside.
So, I figured I would update the blog with some pictures I took of George warming Ren up last weekend before our ride.  Her sidebones still make her feel stiff and short right out of the field, but through warming her up, she loosens up and starts to feel better. I really, really, really HATE Blogger's new picture interface.  It's so hard to try to align pictures and add captions now!!  ARGH!  Most of the pictures look a lot better if you click to view them full sized.

Ren likes to act all flashy.
Here she is showing us how she can stomp on any enemy we meet out on our trail rides.

Her winter coat is just starting to come in.  I'm going to miss her dapples over the winter.

The leaves are starting to turn here in Maryland.  Ren's really changed how she's using her body these days.  She's starting to bring in some natural collection to her movement as you can see below as she trots towards George.This is a great picture to click on and view full sized.

Here's just a close up of her trotting towards George. I love how she's more toned!! Yay!  Click to view.

"Where's my treat?"

She's also working really hard on staying connected with her person during her warm ups.  She's willing to consider that it's really easier to just hang out.  Again, click to view full sized.

Of course, everyone likes to kick up their heels once in a while...
The leaves are just starting to turn!  I love the change of seasons, but HATE the cold!

For some reason, Shae's pictures didn't turn out quite as nicely as Ren's.  She's working on finding/developing that stretch down at the trot and even a little at the canter.  Unfortunately, the farm is putting out round bales to feed now that the grass is starting to die off, so Shae has a VERY BIG hay belly in this picture (grumble).  We've ordered her a brand new muzzle - I'm sure she's going to be thrilled.

And in case you wanted to see that first picture full sized, here's a version of it that you can click to enlarge (did I mention that I really don't get Blogger's new interface?  Not nearly as user friendly as it used to be).

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