Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summertime is finally here!!

Boy oh boy, does it feel GOOD to be on summer break! George was home this morning, so we decided to grab the cameras and get some pictures of our girls! Today, I'll post the pictures and video of Shae. You can click on a picture to view full size. Here we are warming up in the morning:

We've been working a bit on bending in on the circle. Shae's really starting to get it - and it's improved our liberty work (when I work with Shae without a halter and line) immensely.

Here's some footage of me and Shae as I warmed up on her back. Today, I decided to ride her bareback. After the warm up, the video skips forward to after the trail ride when I asked Shae to lay down and then bow. George and I were out from around 11am till 7pm with the girls today (with a break for lunch) - so when I was asking Shae to lay down and bow she was TIRED and not quite as focused as she usually is when I play with her at liberty.

I'll post all of Ren's pictures and updates in another post!

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