Saturday, January 24, 2009

How We Ended Up With a Very Large Lame Horse....

I think it's best my husband tell the story of how we came to own Rienzi. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the auction that we bought Ren at, but I do have a couple pictures shortly after she arrived at my parent's farm.

These are pictures taken right after Ren arrived on the farm. Please excuse the ill fitting halter - it was what she came with from auction.
Horrible picture, I know, but the only picture we have of her feet at the time of purchase. Notice the extreme flare on the front hoof showing.
Ren has an absolutely monstrously giant head - even for a draft!

Does this picture say "Percheron x Quarter Horse Cross" to you?
This information and a negative Coggins test was the only information we had about this 8 year old horse we purchased.

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